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School Tour

Picture 1 The Old School House
Picture 2 The School Office
Picture 3 Fawn Deer Outside Area
Picture 4 Fawn Deer Classroom
Picture 5 Roe Deer Classroom
Picture 6 Roe Deer Cloakroom
Picture 7 Fallow Deer Classroom
Picture 8 Key Stage 2 Cloakroom
Picture 9 Red Deer Classroom
Picture 10 The Library
Picture 11 Music Area
Picture 12 Outside Fallow and Red Deer Classrooms
Picture 13 School Hall
Picture 14 The Stage is Set
Picture 15 Our Climbing Equipment and Willow Arbour
Picture 16 View of St Nicholas Church from the playground
Picture 17 Playing Field
Picture 18 Our Pond and Nature Area
Picture 19 The countryside surrounding our school
Picture 20 Our Playground
Picture 21 The Headteacher's Office