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School Life

The School Day

The school day begins at 8.55a.m. and finishes at 3.20p.m. There is a playtime during the morning session. Lunch break commences at noon. The afternoon session starts at 1p.m.  There is a short afternoon break for Fawn and Roe Deer Classes.


Only in exceptional circumstances and following prior consultation with the Headteacher, should children be on the school premises before 8.45a.m. (the time at which official supervision commences).


A before school club runs from 8.00a.m. until the start of the school at a cost of £3.00 per session.

Class Organisation

There is a four class structure which allows for mixed age teaching at both Key Stages. The planned admission limit of 15 children to each year group ensures a class size is limited to 30 children (the only exception to this would be in the event of an admission appeal committee over-ruling the Governors admission policy at Reception Class entry, or, in the case of twins being offered the last available place).


In 2018. 14 pupils were admitted into the Reception Class. The Governors used the admission policy, admitting all pupils who lived within the catchment area, the final selection criteria for September 2018 was determined by distance from school.

Read our Curriculum Aims by clicking the document below.


The Curriculum consists of English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Music, Art , PE and Technology and Religious Education which follows the Lincolnshire Diocesan Approved Syllabus and Information Technology. The National Literacy and Numeracy Strategies are followed.  Phonics is taught using the Letters and Sounds Scheme supplemented by many resources including Phonics Bug.  The school uses a two year rolling programme for teaching the other subjects.  Class teachers upload information to the school website about what the children will be learning to inform parents about the topics which will be studied and activities you can do at home to help your child.  Individual class information can be found on the class pages at the top of this page.


Barkston and Syston CE School uses a variety of reading schemes to support the children in learning to read.  The main scheme used is Oxford Reading Tree but this is supplemented by many other schemes.

The planning of the schemes of work incorporates cross-curricular themes where appropriate, especially with regard to IT. The school, in addition to six free standing PC's has a network of laptops and tablets.


There is a Health Education programme covering Key Stages 1 and 2 which covers areas such as healthy eating, what is safe to put into our bodies, making friends, relationships, and with Y5 and Y6 a programme about their changing bodies.   Barkston and Syston CE School has achieved the national Healthy School Award.  Children are asked to bring a healthy snack for playtime.  School lunches are healthy and children are able to have a drink of water from the water fountain or water cooler.  There are many school sports clubs and activities which children can join.

Religious Education
The school is a Church of England (Aided) School and the programme of study of Religious Education as determined by the Governing Body reflects their commitment to Church of England doctrine.
The school day includes an act of collective worship for all pupils. Parents have a right to formally request the permission of the Governing Body for their children not to attend the daily act of collective worship, however, parents in this instance are asked to provide alternative supervision arrangements. 

Special Educational Needs
There is a register of children with special educational needs kept within the school. The initial awareness is generated by the class teacher, special programmes of study are devised and evaluated. If the need is not satisfied then outside agencies are consulted. This process may result in an Education, Health Care Plan (EHCP) – the Local Authority Panel adjudicates on SEND provision. Parents are kept informed of any consultation with outside agencies.

You can find out more about how we help pupils with special educational needs by clicking the link below.

Gifted and Talented
At Barkston and Syston CE School, we hold a list of children who come under the terms of 'Gifted and Talented' in relation to the rest of the school community.  Staff identify pupils who are in the top tier of ability in academic terms, throughout the school, using our tracking systems, while music teachers, sports coaches and parents give information about both in - and out of - school activities where children are shown to be talented.  Talent in music, drama, sport and art are all areas considered.  Activities: academic, sporting, musical and artistic for all are incorporated during the school year to allow children to develop further in their particular sphere.  For older children, outside activities, often with invited speakers, along with our network of four local primary schools, allow pupils to experience new activities and work alongside pupils from other schools who may share their interests.  Partner secondary schools may host events, from time to time, aimed at gifted children who have opportunities to work in areas not accessible in primary schools, allowing for a spread of new experiences. 

Extra-Curricular Activities
A variety of lunchtime activities are enjoyed by the children. These include, from time to time, calligraphy, construction kits, choir and practice for football, netball and other sports skills. Music tuition in piano, wind instruments and guitar is available but a parental contribution towards the cost will be requested.

We enter teams in inter-school events, typically, football, athletics, tag-rugby, rounders, swimming, kwik cricket and netball. Individuals undertake national swimming awards and those with musical ability enter the local festival.  Recently sports coaches have offered taster sessions for pupils after school for cheerleading, fencing, aerobics and boxercise.
School outings, educational visits, theatre and puppet shows are encouraged but the financing of these is undertaken on a voluntary basis. Specific details are issued with each activity.

An after school club runs from 3.20pm until 5.00pm.  There is a charge for this club and children must be a pupil at the school to book a place.  More details are available from the school office.

Arrangements for Making Complaints
Initial concerns expressed by parents about the school curriculum will be dealt with by the class teacher or the Headteacher. If the situation is not resolved informally, the Governing Body has an agreed complaints procedure. The document setting out this procedure is available for inspection at the school or online using the link below.


School, Church and Community
The school has a direct involvement with the church and community. The school attends local churches for services on special occasions. Parents, family and friends are encouraged to join their children in church at these times.
Year 6 attend a children's festival at Lincoln Cathedral. This festival offers the opportunity for the children to join children throughout the Diocese to worship collectively, view the Cathedral together, undertake work and projects jointly and create a display.

A Church School has to be seen as part of a larger community of the church of God and can only be fully understood in relation to the wider society they both serve.

All Foundation Governors represent the wider community of the Church at parochial, deanery and diocesan level. It is their primary function to initiate and support their work of fostering good relations where school, church and society are concerned.

Policy Statement on Equal Opportunities
The staff and governors of this school practise no bias towards children and parents of any particular race, colour or religious denomination. The staff and governors endeavour to inculcate similar values in their pupils. The Governing Body has an equality policy which is available for inspection at the school or online using the link below.

Access to Documentation
The following documents are held within the school office:
Statutory instruments and circulars issued by the Department for Education
Published OFSTED reports on the school
Programmes of study
Curriculum complaints procedure
Pupil records 

Additional Personal Accident Insurance for Pupils
The pupils of the school are covered by the standard insurance offered by the Local Education Authority but the insurance market offers personal accident cover (24 hours a day) for pupils. Parents may not be aware of this and if they wish to avail themselves of this cover for their children then they should make enquiries with their insurance companies or broker accordingly. The Friends of Barkston School Secretary has further details.

Moving On To Secondary School
Children from Barkston and Syston CE School are in the fortunate position of being able to choose from many excellent secondary schools in the area.  Parents, of pupils in Year 5 (Y5), are advised to visit the secondary schools when they host their open days.  Pupils wishing to attend a grammar school need to take the 11+ examination. The 11+ is an opt in system.  Near the end of your child's Y5, you will receive some paperwork which explains the process. At this time, you can choose to enter your child for the 11+ exam which s/he will then take in September of Y6. The children usually sit the exam at the grammar schools in Grantham on two Saturday mornings in September.
You receive the results of the 11+ before you make the choice of secondary school.